Sunny Fleming

Industry Specialist for Public Sector and Conservation, Esri

Sunny Fleming is Esri's Industry Specialist for Public Sector Environment and Conservation. With a background in plant ecology and botany, she has applied location intelligence throughout her career; from monitoring species in the field as a heritage botanist, to helping state parks manage recreational assets across their systems. She continues to pursue her passion for environment by now championing for Esri's large user community of environmental professionals.

A Horizon of Opportunity: Preparing for collaboration as sustainability initiatives take root

Numerous entities have a role to play in protecting biodiversity and preventing species extinction. Botanical gardens and others may house seed source and plant material that can be used in restoration activities. Land managers help prioritize, implement, and monitor conservation initiatives. Research scientists provide valuable insight that helps inform and shape our understanding and our methods. Now, as new policy initiatives begin to frame and drive corporate sustainability investments, our community will be sought after to answer broad questions related to conservation. But are we prepared? As we have spent the day exploring ideas for bridging long term ecological research with our management practices, we will end on an exploration of how the science of geography and geographic tools support our unified goal of better stewarding our planet. We will explore how spatial tools are empowering our community to come together to plan and prioritize conservation actions, track stewardship and restoration, monitor species and ecosystems and engage existing and new stakeholders.


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