SNAP - November 17, 2021

Zoom Meeting - November 17, 2021
12pm-2pm EST 
9am-11am PST, 10am-12pm MST, 11am-1pm CST

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State Natural Areas Program Roundtable: State Natural Areas Program Reports

State Natural Areas Programs (SNAP) were among the first entities to protect natural areas in North America. For over 50 years, NAA has fostered a state agency programs community where practitioners and academics could share information, techniques, methodologies, good science and even moral support. NAA knows that collaboration is essential to the preservation of natural areas, and that it is important that colleagues become resources to each other.  

While the Natural Areas Association (NAA) is now hosting four virtual SNAP Roundtables per year focused on various topics, our fall Roundtable is intended to keep the annual tradition of a gathering dedicated to State Natural Areas Program Reports. While we cannot gather in person this year, the information shared about our state programs is so important that the NAA SNAP Planning Committee is planning a virtual opportunity for everyone to share some highlights, challenges, and maybe even brag a bit so that you can celebrate achievements with people who get the work.

The SNAP Roundtable and discussion will be a live program hosted on Zoom Meeting, and we want to hear reports from as many states as possible. In order to be able to accommodate as many state programs as possible from around North America, and stay on time, each presenter will provide a pre-recorded state program report in advance. 

What is a Pre-Recorded State Natural Areas Program Report?

A pre-recorded State Natural Areas Program Report is a five minute video that offers a brief overview of your state program including size and scope, as well as some of the highlights and challenges faced. Following each presentation there will be a short time for Q&A, and an Open Discussion segment of the meeting at the end. All pre-recorded videos must be submitted in advance. Presenters have the option to either record the video themselves or schedule an appointment with an NAA staff member who will record the presentation for you; however, you should plan to attend the roundtable in order to be available to respond to questions following the recorded presentation about your program.

Presenter Resources

  • INSTRUCTIONS for recording on Zoom.

  • DOWNLOAD the State Program Report PPT Template here. For your convenience, we have developed a SNAP State Program Report PPT Template. Feel free to use this one or your state agency template. 

  • UPLOAD the recording of your State Program Report here. DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS - MONDAY, NOVEMBER 15.

  • DOWNLOAD State Natural Areas Program Report Guidelines.

Presentation Guidelines
Slide 1:Cover slide - State Program Name, Presenter Name, Date, Natural Area Photo.
Slide 2:Structure & Scope - How is your state program structured? Number of acres protected? Number of natural areas owned/managed? Number of staff? Number of Volunteers? 
Slides 3 & 4:Photos and highlights of a few notable natural areas in your state.
Slide 5:Describe some of the "wins" for your program since 2018.
Slide 6:Describe some of the challenges for your program or the areas you manage.
Slide 7:Conclusion & contact information.

All pre-recorded videos would be submitted in advance. Presenters have the option to either record the video themselves or schedule an appointment with an NAA staff member who will record the presentation for you. 

If you have any questions or require assistance, please contact Moira McGinty Klos,

Thank you again for participating! We look forward to learning more about your State Natural Areas Program!

SNAP Roundtable Agenda

12:00pm - 12:05pm        Welcome
12:05pm - 1:50pm Short State Natural Areas Reports
1:50pm - 2:00pm Open Discussion


Join the people who protect and manage our natural areas.