Scott Hoffman Black

Executive Director
Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation

Scott Hoffman Black is an internationally recognized conservationist who has been at the forefront of the conservation movement for three decades. He is the Executive Director of the Xerces Society, which under his leadership has become the premier invertebrate conservation organization in North America. Scott’s work has led to protection and restoration of habitat on millions of acres of rangelands, forests, and farmland as well as protection for many endangered species. He is an author of the best-selling Attracting Native Pollinators and Gardening for Butterflies and has written more than two hundred other publications including a recent chapter on climate change and insects. His work has been honored with several awards, including the 2011 Colorado State University College of Agricultural Sciences Honor Alumnus Award, the U.S. Forest Service Wings Across the Americas 2012 Butterfly Conservation Award, the 2019 Wings Across the Americas International Research Partnership Award, and a 2020 Natures Choice Award from the Greater Good Foundation.


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