2020 Call for Proposals

Sierra to Sagebrush: Integrating Management and Stewardship Across Landscapes


  • Aquatic ecosystem conservation issues (Great Basin, Lake Tahoe, Sierra Nevada)
  • Development and use of native seed in natural areas management
  • Pollinator considerations in natural areas management
  • Invasive species management - new and effective approaches 
  • Managing fire regimes in a changing world (good fire/bad fire)
  • Natural community and habitat restoration
  • Rare species management
  • Collaborative approaches to conservation - public/private partnerships
  • Conservation successes in working landscapes
  • Technology in natural areas conservation 
  • Sage-grouse conservation 
  • Aspen conservation
  • Mitigating the impacts of resource extraction on public lands
  • Natural areas management in light of climate change
  • Communicating the importance of our work
  • Fundraising for our work

Call for proposals is closed

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Please review this years conference theme and topics. All presentations need to relate to one or more conference topics.
The NAC audience is primarily those involved in research or practice of on-the-ground protection and management of natural areas.

poster Presentation

A poster presentation displays information in a static format for the duration of the conference, and facilitates discussion among colleagues during the Poster Session and Reception.  Poster presentations are ideal for sharing research in progress, proposing novel concepts or approaches, and implications for natural areas protection and/or management.  Read more

individual presentation

An individual presentation is a 15-minute talk followed by 5 minutes of Q&A.  These talks are organized by the conference committee into sessions by topic.  Individual presentations are suited to sharing completed research and projects, including background, methodology, results, outcomes and implications for natural areas protection and/or management.   Read more


A symposium is three hours long and consists of five oral presentations on a particular natural areas topic organized by the person(s) submitting the proposal. Each presentation is 20 minutes long followed by a 10-minute Q&A period.  There is a 30-minute facilitated discussion at the end of the symposium.   Read more

field workshop 

A field workshop is a full-day experience that showcases and tells stories of natural areas, offers participants clear learning objectives, and affords leaders a unique opportunity to share their work and consult with natural areas professionals from across the country.  Field workshop leaders, in consultation with conference staff, will develop an itinerary and provide participants with learning materials (site map, management plan, species lists, etc.).  Field workshop destinations must be within one and a half hours of one-way travel time from the conference hotel.  Expenses, including transportation, equipment rentals and lunch, are covered by a participant registration fee.    Read more


Workshops are half-day (three-hour) or full-day (six-hour) sessions organized by conference partners where participants advance an initiative and/or develop knowledge and skills through active, hands-on engagement. Workshop formats (demonstration, classroom, etc.) are flexible and the range of potential topics is broad.  Please contact the Natural Areas Conference (NAC) program committee to discuss your workshop concept before submitting a proposal. Workshop expenses are covered by a participant registration fee.    Read more

Keep in mind that all presenters are asked to cover their own registration, accommodations, and expenses.


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