Dustin Graham

Plant Ecologist
Minnesota Biological Survey

Dustin Graham has been a plant ecologist with MBS since 2014. His work focuses on updating NPC mapping in the prairie region. His field work consists of visiting areas not captured in a county's baseline surveys.

*Information via dnr.state.mn.us

Presentation Title: Fire and Haying Management for the Control of Smooth Brome (Bromus inermis) on Native Prairie Bank Tracts and Scientific and Natural Areas in Southwest Minnesota

Description: Smooth brome is a problematic species in southwestern Minnesota remnant prairies where it invades and spreads, reducing the quality of the prairie community. We began this study in 2020 to compare the effects management practices on smooth brome, native species diversity, and soil chemistry. The study compares spring prescribed fire, spring prescribed haying, fall haying, and no treatment. Study sites are two Scientific and Natural Areas and two Native Prairie Bank properties. 


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