Commitment to Younger Members

Younger members are the future of our profession, and the future of the natural areas we steward.

We believe the Natural Areas Association has a special responsibility to its youngest members students and those just starting their careers.

We offer a number of programs specifically for younger members:

2015 Student Poster Reception.

Students can join the Natural Areas Association for a special rate, and can register for the Natural Areas Conference at a substantial discount. 

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Heres what some of our younger members have to say about what the Natural Areas Association means to them:

Last year, I participated in the Natural Areas Conference 2015 thanks to the John W. Humke Student Scholarship. It was a great experience for me because I made good connections, I participated in great talks from different areas. The Natural Areas Association help me find a way to be more passionate about the natural areas of Puerto Rico.
Jenniffer Paniagua, University of Puerto Rico

Being awarded both a travel grant and third place overall for my poster presentation by the NAA has been a source of great pride and confidence in my ability to effectively communicate my research. As a direct result of this, I have been successful in securing additional funding to present at another national conference within my field of study. I am passionate about the mission of the Natural Areas Association and I strongly believe that it has a lot to offer to student communities.
Angela Burke, Northern Illinois University

I loved every minute of being at the conference; it was immensely inspiring to be surrounded by so many like-minded people. The conference opened my eyes to the diversity of environmental career possibilities open to students like me.
Southern Illinois University-Carbondale

For me, as someone who is just getting their feet wet in the field, the feedback that I've received from presenting has been invaluable. I find the networking opportunities to be quite unique, with every meeting attendee that Ive talked with being very approachable and friendlyAfter each meeting, I return to my lab reinvigorated and excited to get back to my work.
Lauren Diepenbrock, University of Missouri


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