Brian Palik, Ph.D.

Science Leader
Applied Forest Technology
USDA Forest Service
Northern Research Station

Brian Palik is science leader for applied forest ecology with the USDA Forest Service-Northern Research Station, in Grand Rapids MN. He works broadly on questions related to the ecological sustainability of managed forests through use of operational-scale and long-term silviculture research.

Presentation Title: An Ecological Model for Fire Reintroduction in an Old Growth Red Pine Woodland

Description: Natural red pine ecosystems of the Chippewa National Forest are characterized by a mixed-severity fire regime that resulted in woodland structure, mixed-species composition, and complex age and size structures. Long-standing fire exclusion has led to greatly simplified composition and structure. This talk will introduce the Sunken Lake old-growth fire reintroduction project, that focuses on restoration of structure and composition based on the natural disturbance and development model for the ecosystem.

Presentation Title: Leech Lake Snowshoe Hare Habitat Project

Description: The Sand Plains Pine Project (SP3) is a collaborative effort among the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe, the Chippewa National Forest, and the Northern Research Station to restore red pine plantations to a structure and composition closer to natural pine ecosystems using an ecological silviculture approach. This talk will present the cultural and ecological motivations for the project and highlight the silvicultural approach used for restoration.


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