The NAA’s mission is to support the community of natural area professionals.

Our network gives members the resources to reach their professional goals. We work with our members to raise awareness about the need for natural areas conservation, and about the need for conservation research and advocacy.

The NAA’s vision is broader and better protection of the world’s natural areas through:

  • Expansion of the existing network of protected natural areas
  • Adequate resources to protect natural areas into the future
  • Reliance on sound science to set conservation priorities and manage natural areas.
  • Increased understanding of how biodiversity and ecological integrity contribute to society
  • Increased appreciation for the beauty and value of nature

NAA serves as a broad-based forum to encourage and facilitate the active collecting and sharing of the varied expertise of its members.

Members apply shared knowledge and information  to create, protect and improve management of natural areas in every state, at the federal level, and among private non-profit organizations.

Through the collective activities of its members, the NAA strives to:

  • Support the community of natural areas professionals in advancing the techniques of natural areas research, management, and conservation for the benefit of society.
  • Advance natural area conservation by providing access to the latest research fingings, management techniques and conservation practices.
  • Reflect the consensus of the community of natural areas professionals to formulate and adopt statements of policy to help guide natural areas protection and management.
  • Support our members in their efforts to promote broader understanding and appreciation of natural areas among the public, policy-makers and others.
  • Advocate for improved support and funding of science, policy and historical research related to natural areas.