Conference Topics

2024 Natural Areas Conference

Conference Topics

Land stewardship benefits from shared knowledge rich in diverse perspectives. NAC24 invites participation from all viewpoints, backgrounds, abilities, and experiences to enrich learning for all.

  • Conservation of Grassland Ecosystems
    • Tallgrass prairie conservation,
    • Woody encroachment,
    • Grazing management (virtual fencing),
    • Prairie streams & hydrology,
    • Patch burn grazing,
    • Bison herd reestablishment,
    • Prairie restoration,
    • Renewable energy and conservation on the great plains,
    • Animal population dynamics
  • Climate adaptation and resilience
  • Private lands conservation efforts
  • Indigenous perspectives on natural areas management
  • Engaging new audiences in land stewardship
  • Advances in invasive species management
  • Native plant materials in restoration
  • Good fire/bad fire management (fire science and practice)
  • Technology in natural areas management
  • Wildlife habitat management
  • Invertebrate/pollinator conservation
  • Soil science and considerations in natural areas management
  • Restoration
  • Species reintroductions
  • Value of small natural areas
  • Wetland and water resource conservation and management
  • Tell the story of your work
  • Urban ecology


Join the people who protect and manage our natural areas.