2022 Conference Topics

Conference topics:

  • Ecological monitoring: effective/sustainable long-term status and trends 

  • Ecological monitoring: data management, storage, accessibility and use 

  • Outreach: cutting edge education, volunteer stewardship, citizen science and social media 

  • Outreach: involving arts, literature and photography 

  • Developing technologies and apps: what to consider in creating or using 

  • Protecting and managing natural areas for climate resilience 

  • Innovative management techniques, equipment and labor 

  • Rare species/pollinator best management practices 

  • Prescribed disturbance: haying, grazing, fire, logging 

  • Public perception and attitude towards natural areas 

  • Making connections with new audiences 

  • Flourishing habitats: how they got that way 

  • Ecosystem services: what is the true value of natural areas? 

  • Native plant materials in restoration/rehabilitation 

  • Visitor use: compatible vs non-compatible 

  • Invasive species: threats, prevention and management 

  • Slowing environmental degradation and resource depletion 

  • Conservation partnerships


Join the people who protect and manage our natural areas.