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The Natural Areas Journal regularly publishes special issues that focus on a particular topic of interest to our members. Interested in supporting a special issue on a particular topic? We welcome collaboration! Contact Us to Discuss.

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Land Stewardship from a Water Resource Perspective
Volume 39, No. 1

This special issue, which came out in February 2019, is devoted to evaluating the state of scientific research on how practices used to restore and manage conservation lands (forests, parks, wildlife management areas, nature preserves, etc.) affect water quality, water quantity, and freshwater ecosystems. Thanks to Roger Latham, our special editor for this issue.

Managing for Pollinators on Natural Areas
Volume 36, No. 4

In collaboration with the U.S. Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management and the Pollinator Partnership, the Natural Areas Association produced this special issue to:

  • Help raise awareness of the critical role pollinators play in ecosystems and the dangers they face
  • Address data and knowledge gaps in the native plant and pollinator management realm
  • Provide tools to assess, monitor and manage plant-pollinator systems to improve the overall sustainability of natural areas and the ecosystem services they provide
  • Offer crucial information to support underserved areas and practitioners

This issue serves as a resource that summarizes plant-pollinator systems in natural areas. It  reaches and serves a wide audience: educators, scientists, government agencies, nonprofit organizations, businesses and others interested in this vital subject.

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Using Native Plant Materials in Restoration
Volume 35, No. 1

Copies of Using Native Plant Materials in Restoration are available for purchase. Articles cover the latest research, concepts, and best management practices for preservation and use of native plants in natural areas restoration.

This special Journal issue serves as an enduring go-to reference for land management professionals and others charged with natural areas restoration.


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