Special Issue of the Natural Areas Journal now Available

We are proud to announce that our newest Special Issue of the Journal has come out. This issue is on Managing Land from a Water Quality perspective, and it is devoted to evaluating the state of scientific research on how practices used to restore and manage conservation lands (forests, parks, wildlife management areas, nature preserves, etc.) affect water quality, water quantity, and freshwater ecosystems. Thanks to Roger Latham, our special editor for this issue.

Natural areas professionals tend to focus on land and land management issues to the neglect of what Journal editor Eric Menges has called the "wet realms such as streams, ponds, rivers, lakes, estuaries and oceans." That bias means the role of natural areas in restoring and maintaining freshwater ecosystems is understudied, even though the health of aquatic ecosystems is linked to the health of the terrestrial systems that surround them.

If you're not a current member of NAA, we are still providing open access to the introductory article from this important issue: Land Stewardship and Freshwater Outcomes: an Overview of Practice and Results. This is part of NAA's commitment to get crucial information into the hands of the natural areas professionals who need it. You can purchase the entire issue in our NAA store.

You can also get a great deal when you purchase all three of our most recent special issues - including Managing Land from a Water Quality Perspective, Managing for Pollinators, and the Using Native Plants in Restoration special issue.

This special issue was possible with funding from the William Penn Foundation and Richard King Mellon Foundation.

Planting riparian buffer by David J. Robertson, 
Pennypack Ecological Restoration Trust



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