George B. Fell Award


The George B. Fell Award is our highest award. It honors an individual for exceptional accomplishments in the natural areas profession. It recognizes an individual’s exceptional contributions to research, methods, education or policy that advance knowledge in the identification, protection and stewardship of natural areas.

Nominations are now closed.

This award is given in memory of George B. Fell, a founding Natural Areas Association member and officer. Also a founder of the Natural Land Institute, Fell dedicated his life to the protection of natural areas.

This award recognizes individuals who exhibit the qualities exemplified by Fell,
  • Life-long dedication and commitment to research, methods, education and policy that advance knowledge of the identification, protection and stewardship of natural areas
  • Creativity in finding solutions to problems that hinder the identification, protection and stewardship of natural areas
  • The ability to forge new approaches and partnerships that significantly improve natural area protection
  • Sustained or ongoing individual achievement in the natural area profession
  • A record of accomplishments that have significantly improved science, education or policy related to natural areas
  • The highest standards of personal and professional integrity


George B. Fell,
co-founder of the
Natural Areas Association.


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