SNAP - State Natural Areas Program Roundtable

May 11- Advances in Herbicide Application for Invasive Species Control and Lessons Learned from Practitioners 

This meeting is at full capacity. 

State Natural Areas Programs were among the first entities to protect natural areas in North America. Almost 50 years ago, these programs came together and addressed a need for a unifying voice and community where practitioners and academics could share information, techniques, methodologies, good science and even moral support.  Hence the formation of NAA.  Since those days, our community has grown to include other natural areas professionals that work at the federal, regional and non-profit level.

Stewards of the Land

Better Together: Advancing Conservation Through Vision, Tenacity and Adaptability

Meet Glenn Patrick Juday, Ph.D., Professor   Emeritus of Forest Ecology, University of Alaska Fairbanks. Lifetime Member of the NAA since 1983.

Where There's a Will: Protecting the Biodiversity of Northeast Ohio

An interview with Jim Bissell, Ph.D., former Director of Natural Areas, Curator of Botany, Cleveland Museum of Natural History. 2004 Recipient of the George B. Fell Award. Lifetime Member of the NAA  since 1983.

Symposia -  Special Events

April 22- 

Video Archive Now Available!

Beavers provide a wide range of ecological benefits, including wildlife habitat creation, pollution filtration, and the attenuation of both drought and flooding. In recent years, researchers have begun to explore another crucial beaver service: wildfire mitigation and post-fire recovery. In this Earth Day symposium, hear from experts from the Northern California Prescribed Fire Council & University of California Cooperative Extension, California State University-Channel Islands, Utah State University, and the Methow Beaver Project. Learn about research, insights, and management recommendations. Participants will develop a greater understanding of how these two keystone ecological processes, beavers and fire, interact on North American landscapes.

The Natural Areas Journal

The Natural Areas Journal is the flagship publication of the Natural Areas Association is the leading voice in natural areas management and preservation.

Current Issue: 

Popular Open-Access Articles:

April 2021 - Priority Species Lists to Restore Desert Tortoise and Pollinator Habitats in Mojave Desert Shrublands

Jan 2021 - A Sampling-Based Approach to Estimating the Minimum Population Size of the Federally Threatened Colorado Hookless Cactus

Nov 2020  - Current and Future Carbon Storage Capacity in a Southeastern Pennsylvania Forest

Sep 2020 - Toward Improving Pollinator Habitat: Reconstructing Prairies with High Forb Diversity 


The Natural Areas Journal is a peer-reviewed, internationally recognized professional journal for scientists and natural areas professionals.


We hold these events in various locations to allow our community members to share regionally specific information, strategies and tools for natural areas management.


The Natural Areas Conference will be coming to Duluth, Minnesota in 2022. Duluth is located right  on the shore of Lake Superior, the largest of the Great Lakes.


Our webinar series is a part of our continuing commitment to bring the latest and most relevant information to our members.

Happening now

Upcoming Special Event - Earth Day Symposium

March 04, 2021
Nature's Firefighter's: The Role of Beavers in Wildfire Mitigation and Recovery

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